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Wellness Programs

Wellness programs with an innovative method to fight chronic habits and health problems effortlessly.

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Focus on enhancing wellness

Focus on enhancing wellness: A sound mind is in a sound body. Enhance your physical and mental health with our wellness programs.


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SelfHelpWorks Programs

All SelfHelpWorks programs employ an evidence-based cognitive behavioral training process derived from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to create lasting behavioral change.

The process is designed to break down the disempowering beliefs, thoughts and resulting emotions at the root of detrimental behavior patterns; and replace them with empowering cognitive responses that elicit permanent behavior change without the use of willpower. Participants can log on privately and conveniently 24/7 using an Internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.


Gaining power over food
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Breaking tobacco addiction
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With diabetes
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Learning to love exercise
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Managing alcohol use
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Creating calm and resilience
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Experience consistently good sleep
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