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Heal most of all, Spare
time to let your soul
free, Let nature cure
to be pure.

Five years ago, we started our journey towards providing the best healthcare and wellness services. Digi Health Mate offers only the best solutions to its customers. We provide solutions that are thoroughly tested and refined for the best results.

Taking care of one’s self is the key ingredient to life. If you really believe that health is wealth, then investing in yourself should always be your topmost priority. Therefore, Digi Health Mate proudly presents its association with Direct MD 24/7 and Self Help Works. Specially curated healthcare programs that ensure the well-being of your mind and body.

What Do We do?

Direct MD is a complete healthcare system redesigned around the patient, for the best medical experience. Now you can consult your doctor anywhere and anytime using our telemedicine service. Through Direct MD, we are revolutionizing the way healthcare options are delivered.

Our wellness program; SelfHelpWorks, is an initiative to help people break the chains of stress, pain, and uncontrollable addictions. Our wellness programs are designed under the survey of psychologists, doctors, and experts. Looking deeply into past events, we are trying our level best to prepare people to get rid of all types of addictions. Our vision is to let people discover their own personal identities and to opt for anything in their lives with free stress less soul.

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