Wellness Is Not Classified in One Dimension

It is more than just engagement; it is about real benefits and outcomes.

Extended courses for persistent care

DigiHealthMate provides endless doors to personalized care paths. With our strategies, we deploy tactics to help employees achieve their health goals and proffer status reports via EHR/EMR connectors.

Bridge the gap from health system to patient

Engagement Rx® helps patients stay engaged and on the path to positive change beyond the care of a traditional healthcare provider. Our advanced resources include:


Customizable Patient Care Paths


Coach+ CRM Platform For Care Teams


Detailed Reporting Abilities


Cognitive-Based Digital Learning Platform

Wellness Is All About Being Human

The most potent player in Wellbeing is Human

The basic purpose of DigiHealthMate is the wellbeing of humans that together we serve from our technical specialists to our coaching team to the unique care paths we have developed through our technology. Everything that we have resulted in creating resulted due to the link and commitment of humans. Our outcomes are not mere perceptions but a combination of actual human coaching combined with cognitive behavioral training and complicated algorithm each human has. With such results, we deliver each participant with their unique solutions and experiences.